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Plant Molecular Marker

Markers have been extensively used for Crop Improvement, DNA Fingerprinting, Genetic Mapping, Seed Purity Testing and understanding the Molecular Basis of Heterosis for crop improvement. The primary goal of Molecular Marker Services is to provide support to conventional breeding programme and apply Molecular Marker Technology to enhance crop breeding. DNA markers in Plant Breeding with Marker-Assisted Selection (MAS) could greatly improve the efficiency of selection, leading to the accelerated development of new crop varieties

Plant Molecular Marker
DNA Fingerprinting
Diversity Analysis
Genetic Fidelity of Tissue Cultured Plants
Virus Indexing
PCR Assay of Genetically Modified Crops
Hybrid Seed Purity Testing using Crop Specific SSR
Parental line Purity Testing and improvement using crop specific SSR
Detection of Gene Pool in available germplasm
Establishment of Marker Assisted Breeding programme for crop improvement:
  Identification, validation of reported markers for gene of interest and planning and execution of breeding programme for MAS
Crop Specific Primer Designing
SNP Detection