Plant Biotechnology Division
Plant Biotechnology Division
Selection and cloning of eite Aromatic & Medicinal Plant varieties for active ingredients.
Development of Tissue Culture Protocols for Large Scale Production.
Standardization of Agro - technology.
Field extension and technology transfer - lab to farm / industry.
Lab to Land Technology for Cultivation of Patchouli and Geranium for farmers with assured buy-back.
Cosmetology Division

The Cosmetology Division is the First Comprehensive and Independent Facility in India for Validating Cosmetics, Empowering them with Credible Claims and Enhancing their World-Wide Acceptance.

We have our own independent ethics committee as per ICH-GCP guidelines and schedule Y, FDA safety and efficacy studies are carried out by the study team at the state-of the-art modern infrastructure

Animal Biotechnology Division
Animal Biotechnology
In-vitro Testing of Raw Materials by Chemical Assays
In-vitro Testing of Raw Materials for Enzymatic Assays
In-vitro Cytotoxicity Testing of Raw Materials and Final Products
Safety Testing of Finished Products
Efficacy Testing using Clinical Trials
Microbiology Division
Microbiology Division
Microbiological screening of final product and raw materials for microbial count in
  cosmetics, flavors and soaps, deodorants, anti-microbials & anti-dandruff.
Total microbial count antibacterial, anti-dandruff activity preservative
  efficacy testing.
Microbiological testing of cosmetics with substantivity testing.
Antibacterial activity against malodor causing organisms.
Creative Centre
Creative Centre
Screening of herbal products for potential cosmetic application.
Standardization of herbal extracts for formulation.
Cytotoxicity testing of herbal extracts and herbal formulation.
Efficacy testing of cosmetic formulations.
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