Animal Biotechnology Division
Third Party Testing comprising Safety and Efficacy Studies ensures that your Interests are Protected
Animal Biotechnology Division

The Animal Biotechnology Laboratory has been actively involved in in-vitro Safety Testing for various Cosmetic Ingredients and Actives as an Alternative to Animal Testing. We follow ECVAM and OECD Guidelines to address concerns on unnecessary and unethical Animal Experimentation. The Laboratory is equipped with State-of-the Art Facility.

We Provide our Services in the following areas in Animal Cell Culture, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

No. Tests Principle
1 Cytotoxicity Assessment and Photo-Cytotoxicity Assay IC50 and LD50 Determination
2 Cytotoxicity Assessment and In-Vitro Eye Irritation Assay IC50 Determination
3 Qualitative Wound Healing Activity Healing Potential by Cellular Migration Evaluation
4 Reactivity Assessment Zone of Inhibition and Microscopic Morphological Evaluation
5 Irritation Potential Assessment on RBCs Determination of Total Heamolysis and Protein Denaturation by Spectrophotometric Method
6 Anti-Elastase Activity Enzyme Inhibition Assay
7 Anti-Tyrosinase Activity Enzyme Inhibition Assay
8 Anti-Hyaluronidase Activity Enzyme Inhibition Assay
9 Radical Scavenging Activity Non-Enzymatic Assay
10 Anti-Oxidant Activity Non-Enzymatic Assay
11 Anti-Oxidant Activity Non-Enzymatic Assay
12 IVRT (In-Vitro Release Test) Franz Diffusion Cell
13 Lipid- Peroxidase Test Spectrophotometric Determination
14 Retentivity Test using Swine skin. In-Vivo studies
We have more than 17 cell lines of Murine and Human origin.