Cosmetology Division
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Cosmetology Division

The Cosmetology Division is the First Comprehensive and Independent Testing Facility in India for validating Cosmetics, empowering them with Credible Claims and enhancing their world-wide Acceptance.

We have our own Independent Ethics Committee as per ICH-GCP guidelines and Schedule-Y, FDA Safety and Efficacy studies are carried out by the Study Team at the state-of the-art Modern Infrastructure and Periodically Calibrated Instruments with Trained and Experienced Professional and Technical Staff comprising the Panel of Experienced visiting Dermatologist and Medical Faculty having tie-up with Pathological Labs.

Our Animal Biotechnology and Cosmetology Laboratory provides the World-Class Facility in Six Key Areas :
Screening of Herbs for Potential Cosmetic Activity : In-Vitro Methods (Enzymatic / Non Enzymatic Assays).
Phytochemical Characterization, Standardization and Validation of Herbal Extracts and Products : Chromatographic
  Analysis on HPTLC, HPLC, GC, GC/MS.
Development, Independent Assessment and Certification of Cosmetic Formulations.
Safety and Efficacy Testing of Cosmetics : In-vitro Cytotoxicity Testing on Human, Murine, SIRC, Melanoma Cell
Patch Testing on Human Volunteers.
Efficacy Evaluation by Instrumental Methods and Dermatological Evaluation on Human Volunteers.