Patents :
Sr. No. Patent Titles  
1. Herbal Skin Care Composition. 1119/MUM/2007
2. Insect Extract based Cytotoxic (Antineoplastic) Agent. 1122/MUM/ 2007
3. A Highly Efficient In Vitro System of Micropropagation of Endangered Species of Aquillaria agallocha. 203/MUM/2009
4. Oral Composition.  
Publications: Total - 21 Publications in reputed National / International Journals.
DSIR and FDA Recognized
Listed as ‘India Innovation Centre’ by ISB, Hydrabad
Listed as ‘Top 5 Biotechnology Centres’ of India in Biospectrum Magazine.
Bhausaheb Kelkar was the only Indian to be elected as Honorary Member, French Society of Perfumers
Bhausaheb Kelkar was Felicitated with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his Contribution in the field of Perfumes and
  Flavours Industry by CHEMIXCIL and Ministry of Commerce, Government of India