Microbiology Division
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Microbiology Division

Microbiological Laboratory equipped with a Bio-Safety Unit and Temperature Controlled Shakers undertakes Isolation, Growth, Scale-Up and Testing operations. Different Types of Bioreactors have been installed in the Bioreactor Laboratory for Mass Production of Plant and Microbial Cells. These facilities are also used for Stereo-Specific Chemical Production and Bio-Transformation of Organic Molecules. The Downstream Processing Section is equipped for Extraction, Isolation, Purification of products and analysis with GC, HPLC, HPTLC and GC/MS instruments. Microbiology Lab-

oratory has been actively involved in Biotransformation, in-vitro Antimicrobial Testing and the in-vivo Efficacy Studies of the Actives and the Final Formulations used in the Cosmetics as per Standard BIS and ASTM Methods.

We Provide our Services in the following areas in Microbiology
No. Type of Study Description
1 Total Viable Count CFU/gm of Cosmetic Products and Cosmetic Raw Materials As per IS14648:2005.
2 Detection of Gram Negative Pathogens As per IS14648:2005.
3 Detection of S. aureus ( Baby Powder & Eye Formulation & Baby Product ) As per IS14648:2005.
4 Serial Dilution Test for Anti-bacterial Soaps As per IS11479:2001 ( Part I) Annex A
5 Serial Dilution Test for Anti-bacterial Liquid Soap As per IS 11479:2001 (Part 2) Annex A
6 Zone of Inhibition Test As per IS 11479: 2001 ( Part 2) Annex C
7 Preservative Efficacy As per IP 2007 /USP
8 Anti-Microbial Activity by Contact Time Exposure Anti-bacterial Activity is determined by measuring the rate of kill against a selected organism.
9 MPN testing for Portability As per IP 2007.
10 Anti-dandruff Activity Anti-dandruff Activity is determined by the ZOI method.
11 Anti-Acne Activity Anti-acne Activity is based on the principle of ZOI against Acne causing organism.
12 Substantivity Testing of Personnel Care Products on Human Volunteers.
13 Evaluation of Effectiveness of Healthcare Personnel or Consumer Hand Wash Formulations.
14 Evaluation of Anti-microbial Formulations by Agar Patch Technique.

Evaluation of Anti-bacterial washes by Cup-Scrub Technique.