Plant Biotechnology Division
We Understand Natures Secrets and Make Agriculture More Productive

Plant Tissue Culture facility is made available for Micro and Clonal Propagation of elite Medicinal and Aromatic Plants like Patchouli, Geranium, Pink Pepper, and Medicinal Plants like Mappia, Taxus and Aquillaria – a major source of Agarwood Oil and Cash Crops like Banana.

Gene Banks, Breeders Stock and Micro-Propagation Protocols are developed for Endangered and Economically Important Aromatic Plants including those used in Ayurveda and other Traditional Medicine.

Application of Genetic Engineering Methods to develop Novel Transgenics and specific Gene Cloning involved in Stereo-Specific Bio-transformations in Mentha and Vanilla. State-of-the Art Molecular Marker Technology is imparted for the Development of Molecular Markers in Jatropa for Disease Resistance incorporating SNP Genotyping. A Green House with automatic temperature and humidity control is provided for the Propagation of Tissue Culture raised Clonal Plants.

Green House is surrounded by a Botanical Garden where elite and rare Medicinal and Aromatic Plants are cultivated.

A complete Lab to Land Technology Development for cultivation of Patchouli and Geranium for farmers with an assured buy-back is developed by the Centre.