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The Kelkar Education Trust’s Scientific Research Centre, established in 1996 is celebrating more than 25 years of excellence. The Centre is the vision of our founder Chairman Late Shri G D alias Bhausaheb Kelkar. The Centre is established with the mission to serve the mankind by deciphering knowledge into Applicable Technologies through Quality Driven Technical Excellence. The Centre aims to develop Viable Technologies in Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, Biotechnology, Cosmetology and Phytoformulations with the Research focus on Plants and Animal Biotechnology, Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology and Cosmetology. 

Vision & Mission

Serving Mankind Through Quality Driven Technical Excellence.

Development of Viable Technologies in Aromatic & Medicinal Plants, Microbiology, Cosmetology and Phyto-formulations.

Research Focus

Applied Research in area of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, Microbiology, Cosmetology and Formulation development

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The Scientific Research Centre, established in the year 1996 is the vision of our Founder Chairman Late Shri G.D.Kelkar. Scientific Research Centre is conceptualized with the aim of deciphering the Knowledge into Applicable Scientific Processes useful for the betterment of the Mankind. Noted Scientist of National and International repute, Late Dr. M R Heble translated Bhausaheb’s Vision in establishing & developing Scientific Research Centre.

The Centre is engaged in Academic & Research Programmes leading to Development of Viable Industrial Biotechnologies. The Centre aims at Applied Research Useful for Mankind with the objective to conduct Research for Development of Viable Technologies in the area of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, Microbiology, Cosmetology & Phyto-formulations.

The Centre has over 25,000 sq.ft. of spacious R&D Laboratories plusadditional 10,000 sq.ft. Integrated Cosmetology and Perfumery Facility equipped with the State-of-the-Art Infrastructure for promoting R&D in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Cosmetology and Formulations.

Now while celebrating Silver Jubilee, Scientific Research Centre is Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (Govt. of India) recognized, Food and Drugs Administration approved and CRISIL Rated Testing Laboratory engaged in Research and Development in the area of Aromatic and Medicinal Plant Production, Cultivation and Processing of Essential Oils, Consultancy, Formulation and EfficacyStudies in Cosmetic and Pharma Products and Problem Solving Services for Domestic and International Markets.

Shri. Govind D Kelkar
(1932 – 2010)

Our Inspiration

Bhausaheb Kelkar, a Renowned Industrialist, Philanthropist and a Visionary is the Founder and Architect of Creation of Kelkar Education Trust’s Scientific Research Centre.

He joined his father’s business in 1952 and took the Perfumery business to International Level. Bhausaheb was the Managing Director of S. H.Kelkar & Company Private Limited, and Chairman, Thane Manufactures Association (CHEMIXIL), India and Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce and Industries.

His expertise in Perfumery was recognized Universally and had been accorded with National and International Recognitions. He was bestowed with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his valuable contribution to the Perfumery Industry by Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. He was the Perfumer of International Repute and the only Indian and Asian to be Honoured as the Fellow of French Society of Perfumers, France.

The fragrance of his memories will always linger in our minds.


The Centre is the First Comprehensive Testing Facility in India for Testing and Formulations of Cosmetics, Essential oil, Fragrance and  Flavours products offering services in cosmetology and Perfumery testing and Efficacy studies. The Centre offers Safety and Efficacy testing of Finished products with Clinical Trials for Skin, Hair, Perfumery and Cosmetics Products. Scientific Research Centre also provides services in Microbial Screening of Final products and Raw materials. In-Vitro safety testing as an alternative to Animal testing is offered by the Centre for Cosmetics Ingredients, Actives and Formulations.

In Plant Biotechnology, Lab-to Land Technology for Production and Processing with an assured buy-back is developed for Aromatic and Medicinal Plants. The Centre also offers services in the Development of Cosmetics Formulations.

Dr. M. R. Heble
Scientific Advisor