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We  are performing In Vitro SPF measurement with supporting claims like Broad spectrum, water resistance at different Time Points, UVA protection

Product application will be On PMMA plate as per Collipa-2011 Guidelines.

Plate will be scanned by UV transmittance analyzer with a wide range of wavelength from 290-450 nm. 

spf  data to be reviewed .

Modification in the  product as per expected SPF.

Reanalysis will be done

Software generated  final report will be send 


Wide range of product Testing by In- vitro Claims for Anti-acne activity against C.acne :-

Anti-acne testing against Cutibacterium acne as per standard Reference methods like BIS and ASTM by Zone of Inhibition and Time Kill Efficacy at predetermined time points.

Face wash, Gels, Lotions, Creams and all kind of Raw materials can be tested.

Prebiotic Testing :-

Molecular Techniques Assessment of Prebiotic samples responsible for growth enhancement of good bacteria against Lactobacillus casei isolated from Yakult.

Plant Tissue Culture

Healthy plants are selected and maintained under controlled and contamination free environment, for using it in plant tissue culture process.

Suitable nutrients media with different composition of salts, vitamins and hormones is prepared, sterilized and stored under controlled environment to be use for in-vitro plant growth.

Well equipped inoculation room available with Laminar air flow, UV light and HEPA filter facility to minimize the risk of contamination due to air-born microorganism.

Plant tissue cultures are incubated in culture rooms with well controlled temperature, illumination, photoperiod, humidity and air-circulation.

The explants of interest is acquired from mother plant, surface sterilized to avoid contamination and inoculated on suitable nutrient media under aseptic conditions.

Sterile explants are placed on the nutrient medium containing growth regulators which are responsible for cell division and production of multiple shoots.

Plant hormones are added in nutrient medium to start root development process and complete plantlets are formed.

Plantlets from laboratory are transferred to well established greenhouse and shed house facility for hardening purpose and finally deliver to farmers for large scale production.

Essential oil, medicinal plants, ornamental plants